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Valium pills relate to a tranquilizer’s group. Preparation has a strong muscle relaxant, anticonvulsant, sedative and hypnotic effects. One tablet formulation generally contains in its composition 5mg or 10mg Diazepam. Against the background of its use the patient has low blood pressure, increasing the threshold of pain, vasodilatation, reduction of painful attacks (paroxysms), reduction in night-time gastric acid production. Buy Valium online for anxiety disorders, insomnia, dysphoria, in spastic conditions, invoked by the defeat of the spinal cord or brain, chronic progressive arthritis, spasms of skeletal muscles, arthritis, bursitis, myositis, arthrosis, which is accompanied by muscle tension skeleton, vertebral syndrome, angina, tension headaches. Cheap Valium may be included in the complex therapy of gastrointestinal ulcers, hypertension, and disorders encountered in gynecology and obstetrics, heart attack, epilepsy, eczema and other skin illnesses associated with irritation and itching.

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Possible complications and Valium interactions no prescription

In early treatment people receiving drug Valium may get:

  • poor coordination;
  • dizziness;
  • fatigue;
  • amnesia;
  • retrograde;
  • drowsiness;
  • disorientation;
  • lethargy,
  • slow mental and motor responses;
  • impaired attention.

Judging by the reviews Valium online rarely causes headache, euphoria, tremors, depression, weakness, dysarthria, confusion, muscle spasms, agitation, fear, catalepsy, irritability. Interaction of cheap Valium pills with preparations is:

  • potentiate the effects of alcohol, anticonvulsants and antihypertensives, antipsychotics, tricyclic antidepressants, analgesics (including opioids), sleeping medicines, general anesthetics, muscle relaxants, antihistamines drugs with a sedative effect;
  • analeptics, psychostimulants - reduce activity;
  • antacids can reduce the rate but not the extent of absorption of Diazepam;
  • Erythromycin slows active ingredient metabolism in the liver.

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Under hysterical and hypochondriacal reactions, dysphoria, nervousness and phobias, patients who buy Valium online are assigned to take twice a day 5-10 mg. To eliminate withdrawal alcohol syndrome it is assigned to take 10 mg of remedy 3-4 times a day in the first 24 hours. Elderly and debilitated patients suffered from atherosclerosis use twice a day for 2 mg of medicine. In the presence of degenerative neurological diseases humans are appointed 5-10 mg 2-3 times a day. In the chronic form of arthritis, osteoarthritis it is recommended to appointed to take 1-4 times a day at a dose of 5 mg. Taking excessive dosages of prescription Valium in patients there may be observed the development of paradoxical excitation, inhibition of cardiac and respiratory activity, areflexia, and apnea and coma.

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