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Analgesic effect of medication Ultram is due to an agonistic effect on the opioid receptors in the CNS. One capsule contains Tramadol 50 mg. At therapeutic doses, there is virtually no effect on hemodynamic parameters, does not inhibit respiratory function. Under a controlled application of addiction drug dependence is extremely rare. Ultram pills may be taken before surgery, painful diagnostic procedures.

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Taking pills just know that there can be Ultram side effects:

  • headache, dizziness, depression, fatigue, drowsiness, depression of consciousness, mood enhancement;
  • seizures of central origin;
  • dry mouth, constipation, bloating, decreased appetite;
  • behavioral disorders;
  • collapse, arrhythmia, fainting;
  • rash, urticaria, redness, bullous rash, itching;
  • muscle weakness;
  • increased sweating;
  • difficulty swallowing.

Cheap Ultram pills interactions may include:

  • preparation enhances therapeutic effects include the following materials: ethanol, other opioid drugs quinidine;
  • nicotine increases the narcotic effect of Ultram online;
  • analeptics, psychostimulant agents reduce the effect of the product;
  • in the application with antipsychotic drugs increase the likelihood of seizures;
  • there is a synergy of the medicine with antidepressants. Perhaps the development of cross-tolerance to opiates, barbiturates after prolonged use;
  • Ultram generic is not prescribed with MAO inhibitors, muscle relaxants peripherally acting, corticosteroids, β-blockers.

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The capsules and drops are taken inside without regard to meals. Ultram dosage is washed down; drops can be used on a piece of sugar. Adults, adolescents from 14 years at average pain intensity take Ultram 50 mg. With a weak effect dosage is repeated after half an hour. For severe pain people may be prescribed 100 mg. The daily quantity is 400 mg. There can be high doses (at the physician's discretion) in the postoperative period in cancer people. The dose for children over the years is 1-2 mg / kg (with a weight of 15 kg in a single dose ranging from 15 mg to 30 mg). The daily Ultram online amount for children is 4-8 mg per kilogram. For individuals with impaired renal function, or the liver, the elderly (over 75 years) it should be to increase the intervals between doses. For overdose people should know about coma, fainting, vomiting, a significant depression of consciousness, tachycardia, drop in arterial pressure (up to collapse), convulsions, respiratory depression. In the context of health facilities it is carried out restoration of functions of breathing and heart function. When humans buy Ultram online you fully study medicine application and all negative reactions.

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