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Soma pills cover to the non-depolarizing muscular relaxants. Medicine is produced as 350 and 500 mg white tablets of Carisoprodol. Disorders of muscle works are observed under chondrosis and neuralgia, and appear in the muscle spasm. For successful treatment of disease must first it is necessary to remove the pain itself, and then use the complex therapy. Muscle relaxant effect of preparation is blockage of neuromuscular transmission, thus reducing pathological impulses to the central nervous system. Cheap Soma can be ordered on-line after medical examination. Because muscle relaxants are applied to prevent muscle spasms, they are often used in anesthesia and surgery.

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Possible complications and Soma interactions no prescription

Taking medical products in this group the patient may complain of the following symptoms:

  • lethargy;
  • drowsiness;
  • periodic dizziness;
  • nausea;
  • headache;
  • changes in blood pressure;
  • seizures;
  • particularly at night.

In addition to possible side effects, relaxants can be addictive, which further the effectiveness of therapy reduces. Do not use cheap Soma pills in patients whose activities are connected with the work with complex mechanisms, as well as persons under 18 years of age. Medicine is approved for use only by a physician after a thorough study of the possible components of patient intolerance. Relaxants should not be administered in severe liver diseases, cardiovascular and central nervous system. Independently Soma drug is not recommended, especially for parallel reception of preparations of other groups. Rate therapeutic effects and possible risks associated with the interaction with other agents may be defined only by doctor. Before you begin the therapy with drug Soma you have to say your doctor if you apply:

  • antihistamines;
  • narcotic (anaesthetized) medicaments;
  • sedative means;
  • phenothiazines;
  • antidepressants.

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The wide-spread norm for adults is not more than 350 mg three times per day. Children seven till fourteen years are taken the Soma online pharmacy in 2-4 milligrams for one kilogram of child’s weight. It is necessary to consult with doctor and to do the examinations before patients buy Soma online. The maximal daily dosage is 1400 mg under the strong painful impression in muscles. The treatment’s period usually depends of character of the sickness’s flow. Symptoms for overdose include low blood pressure (weakness, fatigue, confusion), weak breathing and loss of consciousness. Before taking this medication, tell your doctor if you have liver illness or kidney disease. Patients may need a reduced dose or special monitoring during treating.

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