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Diclofenac topical gel has anti-inflammation, analgesic and anti-edema effect, due to the inhibition of the synthesis of prostaglandins, which play a major role in the pathogenesis of inflammation. In rheumatic diseases preparation reduces joint pain at rest and during movement, as well as morning stiffness and swelling of joints, increases range of motion. For external use medicine penetrates the skin and accumulates in the tissues of the subject (the subcutaneous tissue, muscle, joint capsule and joint cavity). Indications for cheap Diclofenac are inflammatory and degenerative illnesses of the musculoskeletal system (articular rheumatism syndrome and exacerbation of gout, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, sciatica, inflammation of ligaments, tendons, sciatica, lumbago), muscle pain of rheumatic and rheumatic origin, post-traumatic inflammations of soft tissue and musculoskeletal system (damage to the ligaments, sprains, bruises).

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Possible complications and Diclofenac interactions no prescription

Side effects depend on the individual sensitivity, the value of the applied dose and duration of treatment. For external usage of the Diclofenac topical there may be:

  • a skin rash;
  • burning;
  • redness.

With long-term outdoor using of the medicament may develop systemic adverse effects of the digestive system, central nervous system, respiratory system, as well as allergic reactions. When applying the ointment Diclofenac interaction with other drugs is minimal:

  • while the use of medicine with potassium-sparing diuretics the concentration of potassium in the blood may be increased, with "loop diuretics" - reducing their diuretic effect, with other NSAIDs - increased risk of collateral effects;
  • preparation may cause an increase in the concentration of digoxin and lithium in the blood plasma.

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Ointment, gel at a dose of 2-4 grams is applied in a thin layer on the skin over the inflammation and lightly rub, the use of frequency is 2-3 times / day. The maximum daily dose of ointment should not exceed 8 g. The course of treatment is no more than 14 days. The need for a more long-term use of the remedy is determined by the physician. For external use ointment overdose is unlikely. However, when applying ointment on large areas of skin, and prolonged use you can not completely exclude the possibility of manifestation of systemic side effects of preparation.

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