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At present, combined oral contraceptives (COCs) are the most popular means of preventing pregnancy. How effective is birth control? Applying contraceptives skin elasticity increases. As a rule, this class of drugs contains the hormones estrogen and progestins. This estrogen effect on the prevention of age-related changes of the skin - collagen is observed improvement of quality and reduction of visually apparent pore diameter of determining the elasticity of the skin. Effectiveness of birth control is not only the prevention of skin aging, but also helps in the cure of acne. Hormonal drugs are useful in the treatment of skin diseases associated with complexes "defect appearance." For example, the problem of acne is facing up to 54% of women of reproductive age (18 to 25 years). This combined oral contraceptive helps more than 50% of women to get rid of acne symptoms for a year. Correctly selected oral contraceptives significantly improve the condition of hair, but it does not increase hair growth on the face. Most women really mark a decrease fat and improve the condition of hair due to birth control effectiveness: they become softer, healthier and acquire a natural shine, thanks to the normalization of the sebaceous glands. Hormonal contraceptives have antiandrogenic properties, contrary help to reduce the growth in atypical areas for women: above the upper lip, chin and chest and abdomen. Obvious improvement is observed as early as 6 months of drugs treatment. Most effective birth control reduces the risk of developing several cancers. According to studies, the hormonal contraceptives provide long-term protection against a range of cancers. For example, studies concerning the effect of COCs on the development of ovarian cancer, have proved their protective effect against the disease. Even after you stop taking pills the risk of ovarian cancer is reduced which persists for more than 20 years. And the risk of endometrial cancer is decreased by 25% every 5 years of oral contraceptive.

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Alesse covers to combined contraceptives: estrogen + progestogen. Their main application for women is usually preventing pregnancy hypermenorrhoea, endometriosis, and female hypogonadism.
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Ortho TriCyclen medication refers to the contraceptive’s group prescribed for pregnancy prevention. Remedy inhibits ovulation. Therewith the medicament is used by women to regulate the menstrual cycle.
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Yasmin is a contraceptive formulation comprising active vitamin tablets and tablet auxiliaries. Women are prescribed birth control under contraception, designed primarily for hormone-dependent symptoms of fluid retention in the body, treatment of mild forms of acne (acne vulgaris), folate deficiency.
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Yaz is hormonal contraceptive with anti mineral corticoid and anti-androgenic effects. The contraceptive effect is based on the interaction of different factors, the most important of which are generally inhibition of ovulation and changes in the properties of cervical secretions, causing it to become tight for spermatozoa.

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Effective birth control methods for women in our time are wide enough. Tablets are fairly reliable contraceptives that protect against pregnancy in about 98% of cases. This high degree of protection is achieved within the composition through pills artificially synthesized sex hormones. Oral contraceptives inhibit ovulation and change the normal structure of the endometrium, thereby eliminating the possibility of implantation of the embryo, even if fertilization has occurred yet. Thus, tablets for the prevention of unwanted pregnancies provide multi-level protection. That is why the pills are considered to be the most reliable method of contraception. Though taking these medicines women should remember about birth control side effects.

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To date, the well known contraceptive pills are preparations under the name Yasmin, Yaz, and Alesse, Ortho TriCyclen. In order to choose the most effective birth control method, you should consult a specialist, who after the initial inspection can appoint agents allowing for the patient's body. Choose yourself what is better to apply the contraceptive pill, it is strictly prohibited. There are several contraindications and side effects of birth control for receiving pills.

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