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Allergy is not a disease but a condition which is unusual reactions to ordinary surroundings. The human immune system begins to overreact to allergens - usually a variety of proteins. The body perceives secure substances as potentially dangerous and begins to actively secrete antibodies to fight the "pathogenic" substances. Allergy is manifested by various chronic diseases, from common rhinitis, urticaria and asthma to very rare, such as Meniere's disease (incessant nausea, hearing loss, dizziness). There are also severe allergy symptoms that require immediate medical attention. Anaphylaxis occurs in repeated contact with a powerful allergen - in this case the airways become swollen, the pressure drops; without skilled care is a risk of death. Lyell's syndrome occurs as a reaction to drugs, and the death rate in this case is almost 40%. It is impossible to isolate any one cause of allergies - there are many contributing factors that can trigger the state in question. These include outdoor, book and / or house dust, fungal spores and mold, pollen of any plant, some foods (the most frequent allergens include milk, eggs, fish and seafood, some fruits and nuts), insect bites, detergents, any chemicals - paints, gasoline, paints, solvents and so on, animal hair, certain medications, latex. In opinion of allergists, about 15-20% of the population is prone to symptoms of allergies, but probably it can never appear as allergic diseases, or occur in the advanced age.

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Clarinex is medicament from the group of blockers of H1-histamine receptors. The medication is intended for the treating of patients suffering from perennial and seasonal rhinitis and conjunctivitis accompanied rhinorrhea, sneezing, nasal hyperemia and mucous membranes of the eyes, tearing, itching and swelling of the nasal mucosa.

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There are many methods of allergy diagnosis. The correct diagnosis can be made only after a comprehensive examination. A complex medical examination of allergy begins with a conversation with the doctor-allergist. The doctor asks about the complaints, the beginning of the disease, especially the development of conditions in which symptoms of an allergic reaction are most pronounced, the presence of such diseases with relatives, living and working conditions, etc. After that the doctor prescribes certain methods of diagnosis. Laboratory methods for the allergies - it is just part of a comprehensive observation of allergy. On this basis, the doctor may suggest the cause of allergies. Accurate diagnosis can be made only with full examination, laboratory data and response to treatment.

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An allergic reaction is a complex mechanism of development, so the treatment under seasonal allergies symptoms is selected by physicians in a strictly individual basis and only after examination of the patient. Most often people are appointed antihistamine medications (Claritin, Zyrtec, Allegra, Clarinex, Xyzal), immunotherapy, can use steroid sprays (Nasonex, Rhinocort) or decongestants. In addition, to exclude symptoms of allergic reaction the patient should take care of their health - avoid contact with the allergen, conduct regular maintenance therapy in a timely manner to treat inflammatory / infectious / viral diseases to the immune system to work fully. Do not forget that there is an allergy to drugs, and in this case you will need to know the specific means to eliminate them in the treatment of any disease. Allergy is a complex disease that needs to be controlled and on the part of the patient, and of medical professionals.

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