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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a chronic condition that affects many children and often persists into adulthood. Children with ADHD may have low self-esteem, it is difficult to build relationships and learn in school. Sometimes the symptoms are reduced with age. However, some people need to "grow" this condition, but they can learn to live with it and achieve success. How to treat attention deficit disorder? Therapy usually involves ADD medication and behavioral modification. Early diagnosis and treatment greatly improve the prognosis. The exact cause of disorder to date is not exactly clear. However, the researchers found that the basis for the development of this disease is the lack of certain chemicals (dopamine and norepinephrine) in some areas of the brain. Educators and child psychologists have determined three main types of symptoms in illness:

  1. Inattention. It includes forgetfulness of child, inability to concentrate and maintain attention on the performance of a specific task. These children are easily distracted, disorganized, often does not listen when they say something. It is characterized by regular errors "due to negligence".
  2. Hyperactivity. These signs are fidgeting, restlessness. Child is impatient.
  3. Impulsivity. These symptoms are also characterized by extreme impatience of the child: it is almost impossible to wait for something for their turn. Impulsive children are not able to perceive the logic of a long explanation, they want to receive the results immediately: their desire should be satisfied immediately, without any delay or conditions.
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Atomoxetine is used in children aged 6 years and adults with diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms (ADHD). Manifestations of disorder (identified in more than one social environment, such as at home and at school) can be: distractibility, lack of concentration, excessive restlessness, disorganization, impulsiveness, restlessness, and also other similar conduct disorders.
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Strattera is one of centrally acting sympathomimetics. Remedy improves cerebral metabolism and is prescribed in adults, children 6 years of age and older for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

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Physician can suspect ADHD according to complaints of parents. When you first visit a physician diagnosis is not determined. For the diagnosis of the child are observed in vivo for several months. ADHD is diagnosed if symptoms are stable, clearly expressed and stored for six months, there are no other mental disorders. Parents are important to understand that disorder is manifested in all spheres of life. In addition, it is important to be able to distinguish a normal child liveliness and curiosity from symptoms of ADD test, so the disease definition is necessary to be determined by a qualified doctor.

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Study confirmed the significant negative impact of the difficulties experienced by children with ADHD, their emotional state, family life, friendships, in school, free time activities. In this regard, doctors have formulated the concept of the extended therapeutic approach, implying the spread of the influence of the treatment beyond the reduction of the main symptoms and accounting functional outcomes and indicators of quality of life. Thus, this concept involves an appeal to the social and emotional needs of a child with ADHD, which should pay particular attention both at the stage of diagnosis and treatment planning, and in the course of dynamic observation of the child and the assessment of the results of the therapy. The most effective for ADHD is a comprehensive care includes psychotherapy and drug therapy, in which the combined efforts of physicians, psychologists, teachers, working with the child and his family. Effectiveness of ADHD drugs, specifically developed for the treatment is Atomoxetine, Strattera. In applying of the remedy in patients with disorder symptoms or other adverse events were not amplified, occurring due to the cancellation. Therefore it would be desirable to keep attention deficit disorder diet.

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